Daily Encouragement for a Healthy Life – Day 9

Good morning friends, today is Monday–the much talked about, openly arrogant, boastful Monday. The day we most often claim when we will start “to eat better”. This is a day that is in direct contrast to what the Lord tells us to do in Proverbs 27:1, “Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring.”

We all know we kid ourselves. I have done it more times than I can remember. We fail, give excuses, feel lousy, draw a line in the sand, and since we are determined to have a week unstained by failure we give up the battle right then and there, and call for a Monday re-group, thereby giving excuse to sin today.

But friends, we must recognize that we will ALWAYS fail if our motive is a legalistic one. We may not fail today or tomorrow, but one day we will, and we will easily fall back into this cycle of failure that will lead us further and further into a pit of shame and frustration. The only way out of this cycle is through the cross. The only way out is to fight in His strength, because we love Him, and the only way we can love Him is to know that He first loved us, and to know for ourselves this love that surpasses knowledge… to know Him, and seek His face.

All success begins and ends at the same place, at that cross where He died, and in that tomb where He was buried, taking with Him every single insurmountable sin that we cling to so closely, and often despite ourselves. Every battlefield, no matter which one, has one ultimate beacon, one light from which we gather our strength–it is that glorious day of resurrection when He delivered us the hope that the ultimate battle was already won.

So today, and each day, let us start the day in worship, in Word, and in willingness…willingness to seek Him with our full selves. Physical change is just a minor part of this journey to wellness, the Great Physician wants to heal our hearts. Today we proclaim, “Today is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!” (Psalm 118:24)


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