Daily Encouragement for a Healthy Life – Day 7

Today as I sit to write to you, I am stunned by the enormity of our God. His awesome power, His tenderness to us, often so subtle and sweet that we don’t even notice unless we are looking. Today I am reminded also that we, by His grace alone, are His. I am humbled by this, to the point of silence.

Our Lord, working all things together for good, is growing us all up into the head, into Christ. We are His workmanship, created IN Christ Jesus for good works, which God planned beforehand that we should walk in them. (Eph. 2) Does this not grip you and make you look around in wonder at all that He is doing? The Lord God, the Creator, the Redeemer, the lover of our souls, is working it all out.

As we walk today, let us not once look at what we eat or how we exercise as an end, as a goal. Let us cease all planning, all strategizing, for the wiles of the flesh are strategies. Let us let go of all our plans, all our schemes, all of our forced resources…let us let them slip through our fingers and watch them fly away. In the release of all that we count on we are forced to count on the only thing, the only ONE resource, Jesus.

Today let us release our grip, on everything. Let us give Him back the life He paid such a steep price for, let us repent of our attempt to control everything, and let it all fall to His feet in surrender. Will Christ be our all in all? Every breath is His, let us give them back. (Isaiah 42)


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